Update: iFlight iH3 parts selected

I finally made up my mind on the parts for my new iFlight iH3 build. Read my review of the iFlight iH3 frame here. With so many choices for good products, it’s difficult to decide what to actually pick. Anyways, here’s what’s coming in the mail in the next week or so 🙂


I decided to go with the iFlight Tachyon 1108 5000kv motors. I’m not looking to build a super fast HD quad, but I do want some response from it when needed. Yesterday, someone on YouTube posted a video of the iH3, with the Tachyon motors, and they seem to work excellent. Here’s the video, judge for yourself.

iFlight IH3 HD Flight // What a Quad !!!

Flight Controller

For the FC, for my iFlight iH3, I am going with the Airbot F4 nano v6.

I chose this board because of its price to features ratio. It has a built in LC filter for the VTX and Camera, and can support both 5 volt and 8 volt. I have heard that running your VTX and camera at 8 volts provides a cleaner image. The Airbot F4 Nano V6 also comes with 5 AURTs, so plenty to get telemetry, smart audio, camera control and possibly a GPS down the road going. The Airbot F4 Nano V6 also has a built in barometer for altitude hold. This may become useful if I decide to add on a GPS module.


My iFlight iH3 is going to be rocking the Airbot Ori32 4-in-1 ESC.

This ESC is a perfect match for the Airbot F4 nano. The Ori32 supports BLHeli_32 and can do up to 25Amps of current per motor. This should be plenty for the Tachyon motors. If you check the picture above, notice how many capacitors the board has. They are on both sides (the rectangular, light brown parts). This ESC also support telemetry, so you can get true ampterage readings in Betaflight from them.


For the VTX, I went with the AKK FX3 Ultimate.

It can do 0/25/200/400/600mW of output and should run great off the 8 volt filtered output of the Airbot F4 Nano. I chose the ultimate, over the normal FX3, because it is lighter and my build will also support Smart Audio. Meaning, I can setup the channel and the power using my goggles and transmitter. So, I won’t be missing the LED read out of the regular FX3.

FPV Camera

The highlight, of my parts list for the iFlight iH3, has to be the Caddx Turtle V2. The Caddx Turtle V2 is available in both red and black.

The Caddx Turtle V2 is an FPV camera that doubles as a HD camera as well. It comes in 2 parts, the camera and the DVR board. The V2 gets a better lens, a microphone and has a true 20x20mm mounting holes. This should make it easier to mount, over the version 1. It can support up to a 64GB micro SD card (which I still  need to order). Super excited to give this a go and finally be able to record some flights in HD (1080p).

What Else is Needed?

I still need to, unfortunately, spend some more cash. I do not own any 4S batteries and I definitely want to fly this bird on 4S. Because I am a research nut, I’m sure it’ll take me another week to decide which battery size and brand is the right fit for me. Keep tuned.

I am also thinking I want to try the Gemfan 3035 tri-blades on this build, instead of my normal Emax Avan 3″ props.

I’ll also need to pick up a 64GB Micro SD card. I am just going to use the one I always go with, the Silicon Power 64GB Class 10. Whichever one you use, just make sure it’s a Class 10 card. With HD footage, at 60 frames per second, anything less than that can have issues saving the file to the card. Or, you may get stuttered video.

The last thing I will need to see is whether I have enough standoffs, screws and bolts for this build. I am going to wait to get all the parts, dry fit them, and then order whatever else I may need from Amazon.

Full Reviews Coming

As soon as I start getting all these parts in, I’ll post separate reviews on each, with my initial thoughts. Then, once I have this bird built out, I’ll post an entire build review and flights to let you know how it all worked out. I feel confident that I am going to love this build and that it’s going to become my favorite.  Now the suspense of waiting for the mailman and then ensuring it all fits into this tiny frame begins.


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