Review: iFlight Tachyon 1108 5000KV Motors

Today, I received my new set of iFlight Tachyon 1108 5000KV motors for my iFlight iH3 build out. I wanted to make a quick post about these motors and their specs for you all. On paper, the Tachyon 1108 5000KV motors look amazing!.

Watch My Video on the Tachyon 1108 Motors

If you’d rather watch a video on these motors, please do so below. Otherwise, please continue reading below.

iFlight Tachyon 1108 5000KV

What’s Inside the Box?

The Tachyon 1108 motors come in these nice plastic tubs, so that they are protected in shipping.

2 Tachyon 1108 motors were inside each tub and the tub also contained foam to further protect the motors

Inside, you will also locate 2 baggies with screws, one for each motor. Inside the bag are four 6mm bolts, to secure the motors to the frame and two 4mm bolts to attach a prop to the top


The Tachyon 1108 motors are 5000KV, so they are meant to run from 2 to 4S. They were built to run on 2 inch, 2.5 inch and 3 inch props and I will be running them on 3″ props.

The bell and housing is made from 7075 grade aluminum and the inside you will find 9 stator arms and 12 stator poles. The motor is held in by a c-clip.

As seen on the photo above, the Tachyon 1108 motors are also naked bottom to reduce weight. Each Tachyon 1108 motors weighs in at 9.3 grams.

The Tachyon 1108 motors are 14.5mm wide and 16.8mm tall.

They come with plenty of wire at 150mm in length

The shaft, of the Tachyon 1108 motors, is 420 stainless steel and is 2mm in diameter.

Initial Thoughts

The Tachyon 1108 5000KV motors feel like solid construction. They feel very notchy, but for a small motor able to support 4S, I think that makes perfect sense.

The Techyon 1108 motors seem to be a perfect fit with my iH3 frame and the length of wire should have no issues in reaching the 4-in-1 ESC, which will be mounted in the back part of the frame.

The price, of the Tachyon 1108, was excellent. I paid $43.00 for a set of 4 motors, or a little under $11.00 a motor. They are nice and light and should keep my iH3 build at a reasonable AUW.

Where To Get Them?

I bought my Tachyon 1108 5000KV motors from They are also available directly from iFlight.  But, if you are in the US, you are better off ordering from Amazon (especially, if you’re a Prime member).

More To Come

This post was just to share a little bit about the Tachyon 1108 motors and what I plan to do with them. I am still waiting on some parts, to get my iH3 build going. As soon as I get everything in, I will be sure to post my final thoughts on how they fly and how efficient they are, and also include some flight footage. Stay tuned for more on these Tachyon 1108 5000KV motors.

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