Review: iFlight IH3 Frame

The iFlight IH3 is a 3″ freestyle quad frame designed to carry dual 20x20mm stacks and supports motor sizes from 110x to 160x. Watch video review or continue reading below.

iFlight IH3 Frame Review

The new craze, in the 3″ quad size, is the ability to carry one of the new 20x20mm HD cameras that have come into the market recently. These HD cameras allow for the circuitry to be mounted within the quad frame and also replace your FPV camera with one that can record in full HD. This eliminates the need to carry a heavy and expensive GoPro on top of your quad.

I have always wanted a quad that was able to record in HD, but always struggled with buying an expensive GoPro to fly around in the air and possibly smack into a rock when I crash. So, I am taking a plunge into this new craze and I have chosen to use the iFlight IH3 as the base of my new build.

What’s in the Box

Inside the box, you of course get the IH3 frame and on top of that they provide for you all of the mounting screws and the stack bolts.

You also get a very basic battery strap, with the iFlight log on it. It does have a metal buckle, but the quality of the strap is not the greatest.

The manual for the iFlight IH3 is a very basic 1 page manual. There isn’t much to the frame, so this is plenty to get it put together.


The iFlight IH3 has a motor to motor length of 140mm, or 5.6 inches. It is capable of spinning 2.5″ or 3″ props.

The bottom plate is 3mm thick and all other carbon pieces are 2mm thick.

It has 22mm of top to bottom mounting depth for your flight stack.

The iFlight IH3 has 19mm of width for the camera from side to side.

Motor Support

The arms of the iFlight IH3 support both 9mm and 12mm motor pattern. This allows motors from size 110x to 160x to be mounted on them without an issue.

Ideally, I would stick with a motor size between 110x and 140x. I am still struggling on making a decision on the motors, but I am leaning towards either 1108, 1404 or 1407 motors.

Plenty of Room for Components

The frame has 3 separate locations to mount 20x20mm components. On the bottom plate you will find two 20x20mm mounting holes. One on the front and the other on back portion.

You can mount the flight controller in the middle of the top plate, allowing the flight controller to be center mounted. Most other frames in this style force you to mount the flight controller either towards the front or the back, messing with the gyros a little bit. Only downfall is that they did not provide the counter sunk screws for this top center 20×20 mount. So, I’ll have to find those somewhere else.

Weight Matters

The iFlight IH3 is a fairly light frame, given that it supports dual stacks, at 40 grams. This includes all of the hardware and the TPU antenna mount.

The reason that the iFlight IH3 is lighter than most of the other dual stack frames in the market, is because it’s a uni-body design. The downfall of this is that, if you break and arm, you’ll have to replace the entire bottom plate or possibly the entire frame.

Dual Camera

If you don’t like the idea of using your HD camera as the FPV camera, the IH3 also comes with 2 additional pieces of carbon.

These pieces will mount on top of the camera bay and will allow another camera to be mounted on top of it. I won’t be using these pieces, as I don’t see the need for a separate camera.

No Props!

Another great advantage of the iFlight IH3 frame is that the arms are positioned such that you will not see the props in your camera’s view. This means that your HD recordings will not have any props either.

Where to get the iFlight IH3

The iFlight IH3 frame is currently available from either or directly from iFlight. The price, as of this writing is about $30.00. If you have Prime, you’ll get free 2 day shipping. I think the price is a bargain, compared to other dual stack frames available on the market currently.

Final Thoughts

I think  I made the right choice purchasing the iFlight IH3 frame. The carbon seems very good quality and the frame is nice and rigid on the arms. There are plenty of spots to mount all of the components and you have plenty of options for what motors to go with. The H style frame, of the IH3 will keep the props out of view of the HD footage and they  even include the TPU mounting option for all of the antennas. Also, the IH3 is a nice and light frame, for a dual stack stretched frame, at 40 grams.

I’m looking forward to building this bad boy up, just as soon as I decide on the motors I want to go with. Look out for a build log very soon!

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