Review: Foxeer Pagoda Antenna vs. RC-Group Pagoda Antenna

Pagoda antennas are very popular 5.8Ghz VTX antenna choice lately, so I figured I would give them a go. With so many companies making them, it was hard to pick one, so I purchased both the Foxeer Pagoda antenna and also a less known, and less expensive option the RC-Group Pagoda antenna.

Foxeer Pagoda Antenna

I purchased the Foxeer Pagoda antenna from for $11.99.

The Foxeer Pagoda comes in black and is offered in both the SMA and the RP-SMA type. I purchased the RP-SMA, to go with my receiver. Make sure to pick up the right one that works with yours. Both variants are RHCP antennas

From end to end, the Foxeer Pagoda is 86mm tall and weighs 11.5 grams. The top has a diameter of 27mm. It is an omnidirectional antenna with a working frequency of 5.8GHz and a bandwidth range of 500MHz (5.5 – 6.0 GHz).

The Foxeer Pagoda is also flexible and holds its position nicely when bent.

RC-Group Pagoda Antenna

The RC-Group Pagoda antenna was also purchased from, but only cost $7.99.

The RC-Group Pagoda antenna is also black and is offered in both the SMA and RP-SMA connector. There is a height difference between each one. The RP-SMA is shorter, at 55mm and weighs in at 8 grams. Whereas, the SMA variant is 80mm and weighs in at 9 grams. So, it is a few grams lighter than the Foxeer Pagoda. The top has a diameter of 25mm. Both variants are RHCP antennas.

The RC-Group Pagodas are also omnidirectional and offer the same frequency range as the Foxeer.

The RC-Group Pagoda is also flexible and holds its position nicely when bent.

Video Quality

I tested both antennas with my Foscam RC632 receiver, which is a single antenna receiver. This allows me to only test the effectiveness of the given antenna, without the assistance of a patch.

The results were a little surprising. I was expecting the Foxeer to pull ahead, but honestly both performed very well and were pretty much identical to each other.

Here’s a quick screen capture of my DVR footage from the Foxeer:

And from about the same spot, here is the RC-Group Pagoda

They both have some break-up, but their are equally flyable.

Construction Quality

The construction of these antennas are very equal as well. Both are durable plastic tops with the same bendable coaxial cable connecting them to the connector.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, for the price difference, I would go with the RC-Groups Pagoda. The differences between each antenna is so small, so I would rather save the $4.00 and apply that towards a second RC-Groups Pagoda or something else.

Both antennas definitely worked better than the cloverleaf antenna they replaced. The Pagoda style antenna has now become my favorite antenna to fly with, until the next revision of antennas come out. If you’re still flying a cloverleaf, give the Pagodas a try. I’m sure you’ll like them. 

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