iFlight Tachyon 2306 2450KV

The Tachyon 2306 2450KV motors are my replacement motors I chose for my GEP210 rebuild. The Tachyon 2306 motors are going to allow me to move the GEP210 into 4S batteries and also give me the ability to run some tri-blade 5″ props.

What’s In the Box?

Each Tachyon 2306 comes in a very nice plastic tub and you get 4 of them in the kit.

Inside each tub, you will find the actual Tachyon 2306 2450KV motor and a baggie of screws and the bolt for the shaft, all well protected in foam.

The bag of screws contains four 6mm screws to hold each motor to the frame arms and 1 nylon lock nut to keep the prop on the shaft.

Motor Specifications

The Tachyon 2306 motors are 2450 KV, which means they are primarily designed to run on 4S lipos, but you can run them on 3S and also 5S on the right props. As the model suggests, they have a 23mm stator diameter and a 6mm stator height. The outer diameter measures 28.8mm

and the height comes in at 19.9mm.

The Tachyon 2306 motors weigh in at 34 grams.

This weight includes the 150mm of wire, which will be plenty to reach the 4-in-1 ESC I am installing into the GEP210.

With the nut, the weight comes in at 34.4 grams, so these motors aren’t the lightest around.

The Tachyon 2306 motors have a naked bottom.

and feature a wire guard to keep the wires from getting into the spinning motor.

The bell and base of the Tachyon 2306 is made from 7075 grade aluminum and the copper wire windings are single strand wire capable of resisting heat up to 220 degrees celcius.

The shaft of the Tachyon 2306 is made from 420 stainless steel and is also hollow. I measured the length of space, inside the shaft, and came up with 14.7mm deep.

Where You Can Get Them

I bought my Tachyon 2306 2450KV motors from Amazon.com for $52.00. This comes out to just $13.00 a motor, which is a bargain price for what you get, given they are rated to provide up to 1700 grams of thrust per motor.

Initial Thoughts

The Tachyon 2306 2450KV motors are going to be a massive step up from the old DYS 1806 motors I am currently running. Comparing the 2 motors side by side, we can see how much more beefiness these really have.

The width of the Tachyon 2306 motors is just right, where they will fit on the arms of the GEP210 and not hang off. This should keep the motors still nicely protected by the arms.

With this upgrade, I’ll be finally able to run some 4S batteries on my GEP and also I’ll be able to run some tri-blade props. I’m looking at running the DAL T5045C Cylcones on these motors.

The Tachyon 2306 motors also use a set screw, instead of a c-clip, for easy maintenance of the motor itself. Only time will tell how well these motors will last, but at almost half the price of the competition, and the specs that they have, I don’t think I can go wrong here.

Keep reading for another post soon, on my GEP210 re-build, where we’ll test these motors and see how they perform in the air. Thanks for reading and see you in the next post very soon!

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