Giving Your X-Lite Some Character

I found an awesome sound pack for  my X-Lite, which is based off the famous Steam game, Portal and Portal 2, that allows your X-Lite to sound like characters from the game.

The Portal sound pack is made by YouTuber, Jareth MT, and he has a great video demoing the sound pack and also covering how the installation works. You can watch the video here. The sound pack is very complete and covers everything you would like your FrSky transmitter to read back to you. Since his video is concentrating more on the FrSky QX7, I figured I would make a quick post showing my steps to install it on my Taranis X-Lite.

What I Need to Do First

In order to take advantage of this great sound pack, your Taranis X-Lite should be up to date with the latest firmware and you should also have a micro SD card installed in your X-Lite. If you’ve followed along with my articles on upgrading the firmware of your FrSky Taranis X-Lite and also my post on setting up your X-Lite with an SD card, you can now customize the sounds that your X-Lite makes.

Download the Portal Sound Pack

You can download the Portal sound pack from Jareth’s GitHub page, located at:

Once you land on this page, locate the Clone or Download button and press it.

The, click the link for Download ZIP and select where you wish to save the file on your local computer. Remember the location you save the file to.

This Zip file will need to be extracted to a folder on your PC. If you don’t know how to extract, check my article on the SD card setup for more details.

Connect Your Taranis X-Lite to Your Computer

Now we will need to transfer the files from the extracted zip into our Taranis X-Lite. Turn on your X-Lite normally and then connect it to your computer.

The screen should show 2 options, select option USB Storage (SD)

On your computer, a new drive should become available, go ahead and open the drive.

Navigate into the Sounds Folder

Inside the Sounds folder, and locate the folder named “en”. You will want to rename this folder to “en-old”. This will ensure that you are saving the original sound pack and can revert if you don’t like the Portal Sound Pack

Now that the original folder is named “en-old”, go ahead and create a new folder named “en” and then navigate into this folder.

Open the extracted Portal sound pack folder and navigate into the “Open-TX-Portal-Voice-Pack-master” folder inside the extracted folder. You will now want to copy all of the contents from this folder inside the new “en” folder of your Taranis X-Lite SD card.

Once the copy is done, you can turn off your X-Lite, unplug the USB cable, and turn your X-Lite back on. If all goes well, you should get a fun Portal welcome message played back to you.

A special thank you to Jareth for making this sound pack. If you enjoy the sound pack, please subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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