Review: GEPRC GEP210 Carbon Fiber FPV Quadcopter Frame

GEPRC GEP210 review on what's in the box

For my first custom FPV quadcopter, I chose to purchase the GEPRC’s GEP210. It is a 210mm quadcopter frame designed for FPV racing. I purchased mine from for $39.89. It was shipped from the International warehouse and took 10 days to get to me here in Maryland. Not too shabby!

In this review, I will cover what comes in the box, I’ll take some measurements of the parts and frame for you, and we’ll put it together with what comes in the box. Lastly, I will cover my first impressions on what I find good about the frame and what I do not like.

What’s in the box

In the box you will find:

  • A single sheet assembly instructions
  • Main frame
  • Bottom plate
  • Side bottom plates
  • Side plates for the camera mount
  • Camera mount
  • Top plate for the action cam
  • Back LED plate and power wire
  • XT60 connector with power cord
  • Power distribution board
  • Zip ties
  • All the screws and bolts

GEP210 All PartsGEP210 Assembly Schematic

The main frame is carbon fiber and is 3 mm thick. All the holes and slots seem to be nicely machined and none seem off shape. The frame feels very sturdy.

GEP210 Main frame

The frame is a true 210 mm frame.

A few other measurements:

  • Left to right motor to motor front: 165 mm
  • Left to right front wing to wing: 195 mm
  • Left to right motor to motor back: 165 mm
  • Left to right back wing to wing: 195 mm
  • Front to back motor to motor: 131 mm
  • Front to back wing to wing: 160 mm
  • Total front to back length: 185 mm
GEP210 Frame - back left to right motor to motor 165 mm
Back left to right motor to motor 165 mm
GEP210 Frame - Back from left to right 195 mm
Back from left to right 195 mm
Front left to right motor to motor 165 mm
Front left to right motor to motor 165 mm
GEP210 Frame - front from left to right 195 mm
Front from left to right 195 mm
GEP210 Frame - Front to back motor to motor 131 mm
Front to back motor to motor 131 mm
GEP210 - Front to back 160 mm
Front to back 160 mm
GEP210 Frame - Diagonal motor to motor 210 mm
Diagonal motor to motor 210 mm

All the other carbon pieces, on the GEP210, are 2 mm thick.

GEP210 Side piece width

The PDB provides you with nice big pads to solder your ESCs to, but are located on each side. ThiS may make the installation challenging with the side plates. It does provide you with both a 5 volt output for the FC and a 12 volt output for your FPV camera. It weighs 5.9 grams.

GEP210 Power Distribution Board

The camera mount is very small and does not seem to offer great ability to attach a camera to it. Most FPV cameras come with holes in each corner and this does not. It is adjustable on the angle, however, up to a 45 degree angle. It is 30 mm x 30 mm in size. It weighs 4 grams.

GEP210 Camera Mount

The LED plate, for the back of the GEP210 quad, offers you 6 ws2812 LEDs. This means that they are programmable, as long as you have a flight controller capable of controlling them. It weighs 1.9 grams.


The frame was a fairly easy assembly. Things to note are:

  • The main frame must be in a certain orientation. There are indented screw holes on one side, that side is the top side.
  • The advertised pictures show the PDB attached to the bottom of the main frame, instead of the top of the bottom plate. Putting it where they planned it would mean that the battery strap could not be used. Mount it on the bottom plate.
  • Don’t forget to put in the FPV camera sides before you finish attaching the main frame to the bottom plate.


There were a few extra/spare screws.

Total weight, with everything from the box (minus the XT60) is 126 grams.

Without PDB and legs, 117 grams.

Without PDB, legs and LED strip, 115 grams.

The battery area, on top of the GEP210, is very nice. The battery gets mounted on the same level as the motors, keeping the COG gratify even. There is 106 mm of length and 37 mm of width for the battery. Below you will  see a Bonka 3S 1500 mAh battery on top, so a 4S should have no problems either. There are little tabs on both the left and right sides to help keep the battery in place.

GEP210-23GEP210 Battery LengthGEP210 Battery Width

Between the bottom plate and the main frame, of the GEP210, you will 15 mm of height to play with for the FC and PDB to be stacked.

GEP210 Inside Height

The LEDS look really nice in the back, can’t wait to take advantage of the programming through my F3 flight controller.

GEP210 Rear LED

The FPV camera bay is definitely tiny, but having the adjustable camera mount is a nice touch.
GEP210 Camera Bay

Below is a picture of the GEP210 with an 1806 motor and a 5 inch, 5045, prop. You can see that these props are as big as you should go and will make the mounting of an action camera on top a challenge. There is about 2 mm that rides on top of the top plate.

GEP210 with motor and prop

Pros and Cons

Overall, I am very excited to build the GEP210. It is fairly light and has a low center of gravity with the battery mounted on the same plane as the motors. The built-in LEDs look excellent and will look better when I program them with the flight controller.

I am a little nervous with the space I between the bottom plate and the main frame and also the space for the FPV camera. Also, the action cam mounting will be a challenge.

Now the fun part of building the GEP210 will start. I’ll make another post on how the entire build goes and what my thoughts are of flying this frame. For the money, the GEP210 seems like a great little frame.

You can pick up yours at

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