FrSky X-Lite Setup SD Card

To take full advantage of your FrSky X-Lite transmitter, I highly recommend that you get yourself a micro SD card. With setting up a micro SD card, for your X-Lite, you can take advantage of being able to store additional quads into your transmitter and also use voice prompts for things like RSSI and battery voltage warnings.

What You Need to Do First

In order to run through these instructions, I am assuming that you have already followed my instructions on how to upgrade the firmware on your Taranis X-Lite. The SD card contents are specific to the firmware version that is installed on your X-Lite and the instructions below will be installing the latest SD card contents on your SD card. This means that your X-Lite must be up to date.

What Kind of SD Card Do I Need?

The Taranis X-Lite uses a micro SD card port, so you will need to obtain or purchase one to use. The X-Lite does not come with one. You do not need a large micro SD card, an 8 to 16GB card will do fine. I purchased a Silicon Power 16GB micro SD card, from for around $6.00.  This card is probably overkill, as it does not need to be a class 10, but it was one of the least expensive ones on Amazon and I like the Silicon Power brand for price and reliability.

Setup your Micro SD Card

In order to use the Micro SD card, in your Taranis X-Lite, you will first need to copy over the Sd card contents to it.

OpenTX Companion

To obtain the Micro SD card contents, I will be using the OpenTX companion software. If you need help in installing OpenTX Companion, see my post on FrSky X-Lite Firmware Upgrade. The first part will explain how to install it.

Once you have OpenTX Companion installed and opened up, go ahead and click on the Download button in the top navigation

On the Download window, click on the Download SD Card Contents button

OpenTX Website

OpenTX companion will open up the OpenTX website, on your browsers, on the correct page with the X-Lite transmitter’s SD card contents. Select the latest version (the newest timestamp) and download it to your PC.

Next, you will want to navigate to the folder you saved the file into. The file will be a zip file and you will need to extract the contents from the zip file. On Windows, you can right click the file and select Extract All…

You can choose to select all default options here and click Extract

When the extraction completes, which may take a while, you will now see a folder with the SD card contents.

Copy Files to SD Card

Now we will need to copy the folders that we extracted to our new micro SD card. Plug the SD card into your computer. If you purchased the SD card I recommended, it should make it easier on you, as it comes with a micro SD card to regular SD card adapter and most computers nowadays come with an SD card reader.

Once the micro SD card is recognized by your computer, you can now drag and drop all of the files from the extracted folder to your new SD card.

Insert SD card into X-Lite

The last step is to insert the SD card into your X-Lite. The SD card slot is at the bottom end of the X-Lite. When you insert the card, be very careful in doing so, the slot is not very friendly and you could accidentally put the card in crooked. In short, make sure you are inserting it level. It should go in without much force at all and you should feel the spring as you press it in.

How to Know it All Worked?

To know whether you did everything correctly, go ahead and turn on your X-Lite. When you turn it on, you should heard your transmitter greet you with a nice “Welcome to OpenTX” voice prompt. If you do not hear this message, go back through the instructions and ensure you didn’t miss a step.

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