FrSky X-Lite Firmware Upgrade

Upgrading the firmware on your FrSky Taranis X-Lite should be the first thing you do when you receive it. It’s also good to periodically check the FrSky, or the OpenTX website, for new releases to the firmware. Bugs are common in software, and new firmware releases addresses these bugs.

OpenTX Companion

Now that the FrSky X-Lite has been fully adopted into the OpenTX family, getting your new firmware from the OpenTX website directly is what I recommend you do. This will ensure you have the latest and greatest firmware available.

To flash the latest firmware on your FrSky X-Lite, you will need to obtain the OpenTX Companion software. This can be downloaded from:

The latest version, as of this writing, is the 2.2.2. Direct download link to the Windows Companion Software is:

And to the Mac image:

Once you download the software, go ahead and execute the file by double clicking it.

Installing OpenTX Companion

When you execute the installer file, it will ask you to agree to the terms. Click I agree.

The next screen will ask you to choose components. Leave all as is and click Next.

Next, you will select the location to install your software. Most of the time, the default selection is fine. Click next.

On the Choose Start Menu Folder, leave as default and click Install.

Your PC will now perform the installation.

Once it is done, it will let you know and you can click Next.

Followed by Finish. Notice the checkbox is selected to run OpenTX.

OpenTX Companion will now open and ask you to configure it. Click  OK

Here are my settings for my X-Lite Profile. Go ahead and set it up the same.

Connect your Taranis X-Lite to your PC

Now that OpenTX Companion is installed, we’ll need to connect our Taranis X-Lite to the PC. We can’t just connect it straight up, as the X-Lite has to be placed in Bootloader mode.

To place the X-Lite into bootloader mode can be a bit tricky. You will need to simultaneously press down all 4 of the trim buttons and then press power on. I find it easiest to press all 4 trim buttons, if you start by pressing the bottom trim button first and roll your thumb upwards to press the other 3.

If you do the steps correctly, your screen should look like this.

Now, go ahead and connect your X-Lite to your computer.

Continue in OpenTX Companion

Now, you’ll want to return back to your OpenTX companion. The first step I recommend doing is taking a backup of your X-Lite. This can be done by clicking on Read/Write and the Backup Radio to File.

Select a location in your PC, which you will remember, to save the file to. I have created a special Quad Stuff folder that I keep everything in.

Now we’re going to want to download the latest firmware. To do this, click on the Download button in the navigation toolbar.

Click the Download Firmware button and save the firmware to the same folder you saved the backup into.

If you selected all of the same settings as me, on the settings page, the program will automatically ask you if you wish to write the firmware to your X-Lite. You can click Yes and the system will go ahead and run the firmware update for you. You have now updated your X-Lite to the newest version.

If you did not select the option to automatically install the firmware, you can get to the install page by clicking on Read/Write, in the top navigation, then clicking on Write Firmware to Radio.

The Flash Firmware window will open. The newly downloaded file should already be selected, so just click on Write to TX.

Hope this helps anyone trying to upgrade firmware on their FrSky Taranis X-Lite. Next article, I will be showing how to setup your Micro SD card with the SD card contents.

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