Flash New Firmware on FrSky R-XSR Receiver Using Your Taranis X-Lite

When you pick up a new FrSky R-XSR receiver, it is highly recommended that you flash the latest firmware offered by FrSky. You really don’t have an idea on how long the receiver has sat on a shelf, before it was sold to you, and there may be bugs in the old firmware that could cause you to lose connection with your precious quad.

New firmware can also bring new and exciting features to your receiver. This is the case for my need to flash my R-XSR receiver today. My plan is to install my new R-XSR receiver in my quad using FrSky’s new F.Port connection. This allows you to connect your receiver to your FC using only the positive, negative and one communication wire. Previously, with Smart Port, you needed 4 wires. The SBUS, the Smart Port and the power and ground.

I will be using my new FrSky X-Lite to do the flashing of the firmware with. So, if you own an X-Lite and are looking to flash our R-XSR receiver with new firmware, follow along with me as we get the latest firmware on my R-XSR receiver. Even though I will be flashing mine with the F.Port firmware, the steps are identical if you still wish to use the old 4 wire method. I will cover both for you.

Before You Can Flash New Firmware to Your R-XSR using your X-Lite

The following steps assume that you have already installed a micro SD card in your X-Lite. If you have not, please obtain or purchase a micro SD card first, configure it with the SD card file contents, and then continue reading.

Start on the FrSky Website

Our upgrade process is going to start by opening up a web browser and acessing the FrSky website, located at: https://www.frsky-rc.com/r-xsr/

Once the website loads, you should see the following

F. Port Firmware

If you are going to install the F.Port firmware on your R-XSR receiver, click on the F. Port Protocol Firmware tab

You will now want to download the latest firmware, which currently is the 2018-06-15 version # 180615. Click the download button and save the file to your computer.

Normal Firmware

If you are going to install the normal firmware, click on the FIRMWARE tab

You will now want to download the latest firmware, which currently is the 2017-11-09 version # 171103, if you are in the E.U. and the 2017-10-09 version # 171009, if you are anywhere else.

Which is the right Firmware File?

There are going to be 2 different versions of the R-XSR firmware available. There is an LBT version and an all else version.

If you live in the EU, or UK, you will want to ensure you are using the firmware listed with LBT. You can tell if it’s an LBT file by looking at the file name (one that ends in .frk). It will have LBT in the name, like seen below:

For everyone else, please ensure to pick the file that does not have LBT in the file name and instead has FCC. 

Move The File to your X-Lite Transmitter

Now that we have downloaded the right file for our R-XSR receiver, will want to move the file into our FrSky Taranis X-Lite. This means that we will need to connect the X-Lite to our computer. This can be done by connecting a micro USB cable to the X-Lite’s bottom side. The micro USB cable is not supplied with your X-Lite, so you will need to supply your own.

Before you connect the USB cable to the X-Lite, go ahead and turn it on, so that the screen is on the home page. Then, plug in the USB cable to your PC, and then plug it into your X-Lite.

The following screen will display

Use the joystick to move down to the selection USB Storage (SD) and click the joystick (circled in blue in the picture below) down to highlight it, then click the stick straight down to select it.

Once you do, your PC should make a sound, notifying you that a drive has been connected. You should be able to locate it with the rest of your drives. You will want to open the one with free space and not the one that has no free space. In my case, it is the E: drive. This drive letter may be different for you.

When inside the SD card drive, locate the folder FIRMWARE and open it.

Now you will want to copy/paste or drag and drop your new firmware file into this folder.

Next step is to turn off your X-Lite and disconnect it from the USB cable.

Connect R-XSR to X-Lite and Flash Firmware

We now have the new firmware on our SD card, which is installed in our X-Lite. Next, we will want to connect our R-XSR receiver to our X-Lite, using the servo connector plug that came with the R-XSR. Don’t worry, the servo plug can only be inserted in the correct way.

After you have connected the R-XSR to your X-Lite, go ahead and power on your X-Lite. When the X-Lite has powered on, use the joystick and hold it to the left, so that you enter into the menu.

Move the stick to the right, so you go one screen over, and then select the FIRMWARE folder by moving the stick down 4 times. Then click the stick in to select the FIRMWARE folder.

Once you are inside the firmware folder, you will see your firmware file that you had moved into the SD card previously. Go ahead and select it, by moving the stick down and then select the firmware file by clicking the stick down for a second or two.

This will open the flash firmware screen.

Ensure that the Flash S. Port option is selected and again hold down the joystick for a few seconds to start the flashing. The screen will then read Writing… and the progress bar will slowly move. DO NOT DO ANYTHING WHILE THIS PROCESS IS GOING.

You can also see the lights on the R-XSR blinking, while the flashing is happening.

Once the flashing has completed, you will end back up on the screen which shows the firmware file.

There will be no official confirmation that the flashing completed, but you are now done. Go out and enjoy your new R-XSR receiver with updated firmware.



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