Review: Eachine H8 Mini with headless mode

I purchased my H8 Mini from for $15.98, shipped from their US warehouse, so not a bad deal for this size of a qudcopter.

Banggood offers the H8 mini in 2 colors, a black and a white version. I opted for the black one.

It is also offered in Mode 1 and mode 2, which is a plus. I personally prefer mode 2, with the throttle being on the left stick.


What’s in the box

In the box you will get the H8 Mini, the battery, a mini transmitter, the USB charger, a bag of goodies and the instruction manual.

In the bag you will find an extra pair of propellers, a clockwise and a counter clockwise, some foam pads for the bottom of the quadcopter, and a mini Philips head screwdriver to help you open the battery door on the transmitter.


The Transmitter

The transmitter is very tiny, but it still seems to be a fairly nice size to hold in your hand, even for someone like me with pretty big hands. As mentioned, this one is the mode 2 transmitter, so the throttle is located on the left, along with the yaw left and right. The pitch and roll are located on the right side. The remote also offers trim buttons for the pitch and roll. The speed key is located on the bottom of the throttle stick and the headless mode is activated by clicking the throttle down. To perform a flip, press the right stick down and move the stick in any direction. For example: pushing up will make the H8 Mini perform a forward flip.

The transmitter does require 3 x AAA batteries, which are NOT included.

The Battery

The battery is a LiPo 1S battery with a capacity of 150 mAh. It is good for about 5 to 7 minutes of flying, depending on how aggressive you fly and if there is any wind. The charger is a USB charger. So, to use it, you will need to either plug it into your PC or a USB use a wall wart, like the ones you get with your cell phone. To install the battery into the H8 Mini, simply push it into the slot below the quad. There is no on/off button, so to turn the quad on, just plug the battery in


Additional Details

The H8 Mini offers lights, to help with orientation and to also help fly in low light conditions. It has blue lights for the back and red lights for the front. For as small as they are, they are pretty darn bright.

The H8 Mini is 13.5 cm wide, 2.8 cm tall, and weighs 20 grams, so there is no need to register with the FAA to fly this one.

Getting you ready to fly

The Eachine H8 Mini is a RTF model. The only thing you must do is throw some AAA batteries in the transmitter and charge up the battery. The battery takes approximately 25 minutes to charge, but does come partially charged.

The Flight

This drone is a great little flyer. I was very impressed with how responsive and fast it is, even on the slow speed mode. On the high speed mode, the yaw is actually insane and makes it harder to control.

Flipping the quad is simple. Hover at least 4 feet off the ground, press in on the right stick and pull the stick forward/back/left/right to do a roll or a flip in that direction.

The H8 Mini does also come with Headless mode. This means that you can place it on the ground, facing in a specific direction, and turn on the headless mode by clicking the throttle stick down. When you enter headless mode, and start flying, forward is always facing the front of you, left is left and right is right. This is a great setting for new flyers, as it makes orientation of the quad a lot easier.

I would definitely recommend this quadcopter to anyone, from beginner to experts, as it is just a fun little flyer. With all the bad weather we have been having here, having a multirotor that you can fly indoors is a blast!

Check out and pick up one today, you won’t regret it!

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