Diatone Mamba F4 Power Stack

The Mamba F4 Power Stack is a new All-In-One, FC and ESC, flight stack from Diatone. It is currently one of the most affordable flight stacks on the market. I chose the Mamba F4 Power Stack as my new replacement stack for my GEP210 re-build.

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What’s In the Box?

The Mamba F4 Power Stack comes in a nice plastic tub. Inside the tub, we find the power stack itself.


Below the Mamba F4 Power Stack, we find a nice and colorful manual.

On one side, is the flight controller and what is supports.

and on the other side is the ESC and what it supports. Nice job, Diatone, on this flyer/manual!

Below the manual, we find some additional parts. An extra wire, to connect the FC to the ESC. A 470uF low ESR Sanyo capactor, an XT60 connector and some wire for the XT60.

Size and Weight

The Mamba F4 Power Stack comes in at 20.2 grams. This includes the dampeners and the standoffs. It comes in at 18mm tall, which includes the 5mm standoffs in between the FC and the ESC and below the ESC. The entire thing is 38mm wide and 49.5mm long. Based on these specs, we’ll have to do some motidifactions for the standoffs and most likely a little filing to get it to fit into the GEP210. The GEP210 only has 15mm standoff with 36.5mm of width.

The F4 Flight Controller

The Mamba F4 Power Stack comes with a full featured flight controller. The FC is, of course an F405 processor and is sporting the MPU6000 gyro.

It also has 16MB of flash, a Betaflight OSD, and a 5 volt BEC, which can support up to 1.5 amps.  The flight controller can also run with voltages from 3S to 6S.

There are 3 UARTS available. UART 1, 3 and 6. You have a dedicated pin for camera control and smart audio. along with pins for buzzer and led.

The flight controller measures 38mm by 38mm by 5mm and weighs in at 5.9 grams.


The Mamba F4 Power Stack comes with a 4-in-1 ESC. It can support 3S to 6S lipos and provides 40 amps of current per motor. It is also able to support bursts of up to 50 amps for up to 5 seconds.

The ESC does not have a built in BEC, but this is not an issue since the FC does. There is, however, a current sensor that can go up to 169 amps.

The ESC only supports up to DSHOT600, as it is a BLHeli_S. There is also not much filtration, but this is most likely why they give you the low ESR capacitor with it.

The ESC weighs 12.2 grams and measures in at 37mm by 49.4mm by 6.9mm.

Where To Get one?

The Mamba F4 Power Stack was available from RaceDayQuads.com and Banggood.com. However, because of the awesome pricing, they ran out extremely quick. So, I found mine directly from www.diatoneusa.com. I have not seen it show up at Amazon.com yet, but I’ll keep you posted if it becomes available.

Initial Thoughts

I was really hoping that the entire Mamba F4 Power Stack would have been 15mm or less in height, as some reviewers stated. But, unfortunately I’ll need to do some modification to get this to fit inside the GEP210. We’re only talking a few millimeters, so it shouldn’t be that difficult.

I like the idea that this stack can support up to 6S, so if I want to experiment with 5S or 6S lipos, I already have a stack for it.

I think the quality of the Mamba F4 Power Stack is very good, especially given the low price of $45.00. This should do a lot better than my old Naze32 F3 flight controller and the OneShot125 ESCs I am currently using.

Stay tuned for the re-build of my GEP210 and I’ll let you guys know what I think of the performance this stack will offer me.

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