650mAh 3S Lipo Shootout on Babyhawk R 3″

The 650mAh 3S batteries are a great choice for your micro quads. The 650mAh offers longer flight times, while still keep weight manageable. 3S batteries are also great for beginners, who are not quite ready for the screaming outcomes of 4S batteries. Another added benefit to 3S batteries, in these smaller sizes, is the pricing. Each battery will set you back between $12.50 and $15.00.

The 650mAh 3S batteries was a great selection for my new micro sized 3″ quad, the Babyhawk R 3″. All of my tests have been performed on this quad, running with the stock Avan 3″ props.

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3S 650mAh Lipo Shootout on Babyhawk R 3"

Batteries in This Test

I purchased 3 different brands of 650mAh 3S batteries:

  • GNB 650mAh 3S
  • Tattu 650mAh 3S
  • RDQ (RaceDayQuads) 650mAh 3S

Although all 3 brands of 650 mAh 3S batteries performed well, I believe I have now been able to rank them based on performance. More on this at the end of the review.

GNB 650mAh 3S

I purchased my GNB 650mAh 3S batteries from Amazon.com for $14.88 each. They were the most expensive ones of the 3 battery brands, but only by about a dollar and change.

Their dimensions are 20 x 28 x 63mm and they weigh 60.5 grams. They come with an xt30 connector and have a C rating of 80C constant and 160 C max bursts up to 3 seconds.

Tattu 650mAh 3S

I also purchased the Tattu 650mAh 3S batteries from Amazon.com. They were a little less expensive, at $12.29 each.

The Tattu 650mAh 3S battery dimensions are 17 x 32 x 59mm, so they are fairly bit smaller than the GNBs and also the RDQs. They weigh only 52.5 grams and also have an xt30 connector. Their C rating is listed as 75C constant and do not offer a burst rating.

RDQ 650mAh 3S

I purchased the RDQ 650mAh 3S batteries from www.racedayquads.com. This is the only place they are available, as they are store brand for them. I paid $12.49 for each battery, so they were the least expensive of the 3, as long as you order over $50 and get free shipping. Otherwise, you’ll end up paying about $3.50 more to ship.

The RDQ 650mAh 3S battery dimensions are 20 x 28 x 63mm, so very similar to the GNB batteries. Their weight, however, is 61.7 grams, so they are heavier than the GNBs and heavier than the Tattu batteries.

The RDQ 650mAh batteries also have an xt30 connector and have an 80C constant rating with a 160C burst.

How long are the flights?

Instead of simply doing one flight only, per battery, I figured it would be best to do multiple runs on each 650mAh 3S battery and then average out the times.

The Tattu’s average flight times, for cruising around, are between 3 to 4 minutes. If you are flooring it and doing a ton of flips, expect only about 1:30 to 2:30 minutes.

The GNBs and the RDQs are very close to each other in flight times. Both average between 5 to 6 minutes, for cruising around, and 3 to 4 minutes with flooring and flips.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, all 3 batteries are really nice. However, if I were to pick one battery as the winner, I would have to choose the GNB batteries. Not only were the flight times the longest, but I also appreciate how the balance lead is just the right length to make it nicely tuck inside the battery strap. Safely away from the props. The added convenience of free 2 day (or even same day with $35 order) makes them ever that much more appealing.

This doesn’t mean that I won’t continue to fly with all 3 brands. The differences are so minor, that whichever one you choose, you’ll have a blast flying your micro quad.

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