2 Year Hiatus is over – new 3″ quad

Hello fellow R/C hobbyist!!

Due to some personal issues, I had to give up on my loving R/C hobby for the  last 2 years. I have now finally been able to get back to it and purchased some new and exciting products to get things going again.

I first attempted to get my GEP210 flying and quickly found out that it had some major issues and I wasn’t able to get it up in the air. I’ll need to go through the wiring and possibly order some new parts.

So, I started to look into all of the new goodies available and found something that looked very interesting. The Babyhawk R 3″. I’ll have a full review on this soon.

I purchased mine through RaceDayQuads.com, one of my new favorite quad vendors:) I did purchase the Plug-and-Play (PNP) version, since I still had my Devo 7E and didn’t want one with a FrSky receiver. Instead, I ordered a DSMx receiver along with it.

Once I got it delivered, I installed the receiver. Easy peasy, right? Except that it didn’t work. The channels would keep bouncing around and it would lose reception within a foot or two. Come to find out, my Devo 7E had self destructed from sitting in a box for 2 years. How does that happen?!?!

So, I placed another order for a transmitter and ended up purchasing the X-Lite. I am absolutely in love with this transmitter. If you are a gamer, this one is for you! It also comes with a nice carry case.

You can pick one up from Banggood.com, Amazon.com, or RaceDayQuads.com, although RaceDayQuads may currently be out of stock. Don’t forget to also pick up a pair of 18500 batteries and a charger for them as well. I recommend getting a pair of EBL batteries from Amazon for $13.00 a pair. It is an odd size, but it does keep the transmitter smaller. Review on this will be posted soon as well.

Since I went from the Devo to the FrSky receiver, I also needed to pick up a new receiver. I went with the R-XSR receiver.

It is the smallest one and also has telemetry. Telemetry allows the receiver to send back data to the transmitter, so that you can get your battery voltage and also the RSSI read back to you by the X-Lite. With LUA scripts, you can also adjust your PIDs and rates with your transmitter. Very cool stuff. You can also get this from Banggood.com, Amazon.com, or RaceDayQuads.com

You’ll also need some batteries. I went with 3S 650mAh batteries, but the 550mAh or 450Mah will work as well. You’ll just get shorter flight times. I’ll have another post on the different 650mAh batteries I am using in a little while. I am currently testing the GNB, Tattu and RDQ brands to see which one I like the best. However, they are all great batteries and are all working as expected.

Hopefully I can now get into a rythm and start posting and also vlogging, on my YouTube channel, in a little more consistent basis. I have some other products on their way as well, ranging from a DVR for my box goggles, a fan mod for my box goggles, a new F4 flight controller for the GEP210, and within a month or so I will upgrade the motors to either 2207 or 2306 along with new ESCs. The 10amp ESCs just won’t cut it for what I have planned 😉

Thanks for reading and check back soon for some more exciting content than just this update.

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